Every child should have the opportunity to reach the top whatever their circumstances., strongly believes that every child should be offered the opportunity of reaching their goals, no matter what their circumstances happen to be. Climb commits to doing everything in their power to ensure that children, parents, guardians as well as carers, know where they can seek help, support and essential advice when they need it the most. This ensures that children are able to reach their goals which in turn helps them enjoy life to the fullest.

Below is a list of websites which includes organisations and charities, that provide valuable assistance, advice and support to families and children when they need assistance to get through difficult and challenging times.

Mind is a charity that, over the years, has gained valuable support from people throughout the UK and this includes many celebrities all thanks to the work the charity carries out throughout the United Kingdom. The charity provides essential assistance, advice and support to people who experience mental health issues and to date, Mind has helped millions of people by providing essential services and vital information on all matters relating to mental health problems whilst at the same time raising awareness and a better understanding of people who suffer from some form of mental health issue.

The NSPCC is a children’s charity whose mission is to ensure that all children are kept safe from harm and abuse. The charity relies on donations to carry out the valuable work they do in protecting children today so these same children do not become victims of abuse tomorrow. The NSPCC protects vulnerable children by listening to them and makes it their mission to help them rebuild their lives when they have suffered some form of abuse. The charity also offers essential advice and support to parents when they need assistance to get through challenging times.

Save the Children is a global charity whose mission is to help, support and protect vulnerable children no matter what their circumstances or where they happen to live throughout the world. The work that Save the Children carries out enables children to learn and grow so they are able to become the people they aspire to be. The charity protects children around the world by tackling issues like hunger as well as health issues and has been doing so for over a hundred years.

Metabolic Disorders – Charities and Organisations

There are various charities and organisations in the UK that provide essential advice and support to people and children who suffer from metabolic disorders, some of which are listed below:

NHS Metabolic Disorders

Inherited Metabolic Disease (IMD) team – the team provides essential support and advice to people who suffer from different forms of metabolic diseases whether they have enzyme deficiencies in their bodies which means they are unable to process specific nutrients. Valuable research into Metabolic diseases is carried out and newborn screening is a essential service the IMD team provides to parents of newborn babies.

Metabolic Disorder Support

Metabolic Support UK provides valuable support and advice to thousands of people throughout the world who suffer from some form of metabolic disorder. The charity was founded by Jennifer Rachel Greene who suffered from Cystinosis, a rare metabolic disorder. Over the years the charity has raised awareness with many professionals in the healthcare and teaching sectors and continues to fund valuable research not only for treatments but also to find cures for Metabolic Disorders that people suffer from.

British Inherited Metabolic Diseases Group

The British Inherited Metabolic Diseases Group’s mission is to provide vital support and advice to people who suffer from some form of inherited metabolic disease. The charity places much focus on raising awareness within the medical and healthcare sector so that metabolic diseases are recognised to ensure that people who suffer from a metabolic disorder are better understood. The British Inherited Metabolic Diseases Group also promotes essential research into treatments for those who suffer from an inherited metabolic disease with an end goal being to find cures for the conditions that afflict people the world over.

Helpful Websites For Injury Recovery And Advice

If you suffered an injury of some sort and would like more information on where you can find help as well as valuable support and advice on whether you could claim compensation for the damages you suffered and what options may be open to you when you need help the most, please following the link provided below:

Citizens Advice

To find out more information regarding help and advice if you were harmed in any way due to an error on the part of a hospital or because a medical professional made a mistake that resulted in you suffering further damage, please follow the link below:

Medical Negligence Assist

If you suffered an injury in some kind of accident or incident and you would like more information on what you may be able to do and if you would be entitled to seek compensation for the injury you suffered, please click on the link below:

Government website on Injuries and compensation

To find out more information about personal injury law in the UK, please following the link below where you will find free advice relating to injuries and medical aftercare that you may be entitled to receive:

If you were involved in an accident in which you suffered an injury and would like more information on the different types of accident claims which are valid under UK law, the following link provides essential advice and provides guides on how to file a successful medical claim so that you are awarded the compensation you deserve:


How Can Help You?

Like we said above, we believe that every child should reach their goals, despite the obstacles in their path. What you can find on our website is guidance and advice on how to overcome those barriers.


We have dedicated guides on what you can do if your child is injured in an accident at school or in a car accident. We also have lots of useful information to help those with children living with cerebral palsy and inherited metabolic disorder.


Sadly, in the past few years more and more stories have come to light about children who have been subjected to horrific abuse. Statistics reveal how shockingly prevalent this is.


The Crime Survey for England and Wales, reported upon by the Office For National Statistics in 2020, found that around 8.5 million people in England and Wales had experienced some form of child abuse before the age of 16.


If you’re looking for help and support on this subject, we have detailed guides on what child abuse is and how you can go about claiming compensation. While no amount of money will undo the harm inflicted, it can help, especially if the likes of therapy or counselling is beyond your current budget.


If you did want to go down the compensation route, you’ll find that there is a financially beneficial way of pursuing a claim. If working with a solicitor under No Win No Fee terms, you won’t have to pay any fees upfront or during the case, and if it fails you still pay nothing.


The only time you would make payment would be if the claim is successful. Your solicitor would deduct a small and capped percentage from your compensation award to pay for their fees. To learn more, head to our child abuse compensation page.