Galaxy Tributes


“Perhaps they are not the stars.
But rather openings in the heavens where the love of our lost ones pours through
nd shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.”
 (Inspired by an Eskimo legend)

Create a lasting tribute to a loved one, as either a memory, a dedication, or a celebration. Your tribute page will be a place where you can celebrate your friend or loved one and somewhere where you can add events, share milestones, make donations, and change lives in the process.

  • Your Galaxy Tribute Fund can be opened with a £20 donation, and as a gesture of thanks Climb will send you our very own Climb Rose.
  • When your fund reaches £1000, Climb will invite you to an event where you and your friends and family can plant a tree in the National Forest.
  • When your fund reaches £2000, your tribute will become a star, named in the Andromeda Galaxy – you will receive a framed certificate and a star chart so you can locate your star. A member of our team will come and present you with this at a time suitable for you.
  • If your fund reaches £15,000 Climb will arrange for a bench to be placed in a public place of your choice.