Same But Different: The Rare Project

This year we have teamed up with Same But Different to give families and patients the opportunity to have their voices heard and to tell their story.

Same But Different uses the arts to raise awareness of disabilities and counteract prejudice.  It encourages people to look beyond first impressions and provides signposting to support organisations.   The Rare Project aims to shine the light on rare diseases and its impact on children.

Our current joint campaign is:

Rare Beauty 

This campaign will introduce the wider circle of the person living with a rare disease, such as siblings, teachers and doctors.  Stunning and thought provoking photography will be used to highlight the everyday situations they find themselves in, such as a meeting with a consultant, or having treatment.  The twist will be that, while these environments are traditionally sterile and uninviting, we will create beauty via the subjects, who will be wearing couture clothing.  This will make a powerful statement, drawing people in to find out more.  Each image will be accompanied by a series of articles explaining how rare disease affects each individual.  The campaign launched with an exhibition at the Houses of Parliament in December 2016.


If you would like to be involved in any of our campaigns to raise awareness and encourage others to look behind rare diseases please get in touch.

For more information about Same But Different, please visit: