What We Do

Through a well trained and experienced team we deliver:

  • Advocacy – on behalf of patients to ensure their voice is heard in key processes such as NICE and UK Newborn Screening (Climb is official consultee and patient representative expert for HPP and NICE).  We collate evidence and data to influence key procedures and access to treatment.
  • Family Advice Service – providing specialist knowledge and information from diagnosis and beyond, navigating patients through complex pathways of support and treatment, as well as practical advice and a listening ear in times of difficulty.
  • Family Contacts Network – connecting families worldwide to reduce isolation and enable them to share experiences.
  • Professional Partnerships – we have a professional outreach team attending metabolic clinics, and share our strong links with a network of specialists worldwide.
  • Fundraising Support – providing inspiration and support for our community fundraisers, holding a wide range of activities from bake sales and coffee mornings to larger events and challenges such as the London Marathon.
  • Information Services – we hold accessible information on all Inherited Metabolic Disorders, and run disease specific online patient forums.
  • Conferences, Workshops and Education Days – to patients, families and health professionals, informing on key issues such as newborn screening and adult transition.
  • Awareness Raising Campaigns – through creative projects and partnerships such as The Rare Project in partnership with Same But Different and the Rareconnect online global forum.
  • Funding Research – into the latest research and new therapies (Further information on the research process coming soon).