2018 London Marathon – Meet Our Runners!

Meet Team Climb 2018!

We are delighted to introduce the 17 fantastic gold bond place holders who are running the 2018 London Marathon for Climb in April.  Read about their reasons for running, and join us in giving them a big cheer on the day!

Ethan’s Rainbow Warriors
Ethan’s Rainbow Warriors are a team of four; Jessica Allamby, her partner Daniel Ibbetson and their friends Kayleigh Butterfield and Daniel Duree, all running in memory of Jess’s son Ethan.  Jess says:

“This will be my third London Marathon for Climb and I do all this for Ethan. I am very blessed and grateful to Daniel, Kayleigh and Danny for joining me on the 2018 Marathon helping to raise as much money as we can for a charity close to my heart.  Climb is the only Metabolic charity in England. They work closely with patients, families and organisations such as hospitals, consultants and GPs.

They have been a lifeline for myself and my family, We want to raise as much money as possible to ensure that the patients and families who face these metabolic conditions have an organisation to talk to, get advise from and help when needed.   Climb are a small charity compared to most however they have the most caring and kind staff behind their name. We want to do them proud. But most of all we want to do Ethan proud.   Ethan was the most beautiful boy in the world, he is missed more than he will ever know but I would like to keep his memory alive through charity work.”

Visit Jess, Daniel, Kayleigh and Danny’s fundraising page and help them reach their target!

Geraldine Bhattacharya
“I have decided to run the London Marathon to raise money for Inborn Errors of Metabolism. Many people won’t know anything about these conditions or the devastating impact it can have on families. I was also unaware, until I met some children who had been affected by these conditions. My husband, Kaustuv, is the Head of Metabolic Medicine in Sydney and for the past 17 years he has worked tirelessly with children affected with inborn errors of metabolism and as a result I have met many of his patients and their parents who live with these rare yet debilitating conditions. They get less funding, publicity and charity donations because most of the public are unaware that they exist. However, having met the inspiring patients and their loving parents I decided to run this, my third marathon, for them. I have been running for many years but never for charity, this will motivate me to run faster and harder and most of all help thousands of kids affected by metabolic disorders.”

Visit Gerry’s fundraising page and help her reach her target!

Katie Gordon

“My main inspiration for running for Climb is to raise funds to go towards research that may one day help my daughter who was diagnosed with CAH as a baby, and also to help support other children and families affected by metabolic conditions.

Five years ago our little superstar Bobbi was born. Soon after her birth we were back in hospital with a very poorly little girl. Bobbi was diagnosed with a rare metabolic condition which means she needs medication every day, has to carry an emergency kit for the rest of her life, and getting any illness could mean a trip to the hospital. We were determined not to let this condition define her, and not to wrap her in cotton wool. Five years on she is a crazy kamikaze little lady, just like her mummy!

The London Marathon forms part of a number of challenges that I am undertaking before I turn 40 in May 2018.  My ‘4 before 40’ challenge starts with a 5K fun run involving friends and children, a 10K mud run, a half marathon, then finishing off with the London Marathon in April. I also aim to involve 40 people to join me these events too.  Everyone involved will be part of my team and therefore sponsorship for all events from all of those participating with me will be included as part of the overall fundraising for the marathon. My sister is a runner, and has achieved a ‘good for age’ place so will be running the marathon with me…but in fancy dress, potentially for going for a fancy dress world record!  This should increase interest and awareness.”
Visit Katie’s fundraising page and help her reach her target!  

Rachel Lawton
“I ran the London Marathon last year which was my first one and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was a fantastic experience and it was an honour to run and support the the charity Climb; so much so I’m going to be there again in 2018!

Paige is the six year old daughter of my running friend, and she lives with Salt Wasting Congenital Hyperplasia.  This is a genetic disorder of the adrenal glands and is something that affects the body’s general health, growth and development.  I would like to run the London Marathon again for Climb as they help and support my friend and her daughter.  This will be a personal challenge for myself, however running 26.2 miles isn’t as much as a battle as my friend, or people in similar situations go through on a daily basis.”

Visit Rachel’s fundraising page and help her reach her target!

Melvyn Griffiths

“I have chosen to run for Climb for a couple of reasons, firstly to support a charity based in my hometown of Crewe, something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Most importantly though I’m running to raise awareness and funds for the charity so that can continue their amazing work in researching, raising awareness and providing family support to those affected by one of rare metabolic disorders.”

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Nicola Leonard
“I have always wanted to run the London Marathon and to be able to do that whilst fund raising for such a worthwhile cause would make the whole experience even greater. Whilst I have run other half marathons and one full marathon previously there really is no other event that is as special in terms of atmosphere as the London Marathon. I have always been an avid fan of the full event from the professionals right down to the last finishers who deserve just as much respect! It is a fantastic opportunity to fund raise and raise the profile of Climb.”
Visit Nicky’s fundraising page and help her reach her target!


Glenn Sharman
“My son has GA1 , he was only recently diagnosed after being admitted to hospital for an unrelated incident.  Needless to say our world turned upside down . It is thanks to organisations like Climb and the metabolic teams at the Evelina that we are now lucky enough to have a relatively normal life so I am running the London Marathon for Climb for this reason.”
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Nathan Watts
“Why am I running London 2018?

After taking part in the Milan Marathon  in 2016 I said ‘never again!’  My body was in pieces and the level of commitment was tough.  Time went by and my initial thoughts started to change, and the possibility of doing a London Marathon became more appealing, so when an email dropped into my inbox asking if I would be interested in taking up a gold bond place which had become available due to an injury, I jumped at the chance!

I ran for Climb back in 2016 and am delighted to be representing them again in London.  Climb is very close to my family’s hearts as we tragically lost Bayley Cleaver at just a couple of days old due to MCADD.  Climb have been incredibly supportive to our family throughout the years and they have been an invaluable support and information.  I would like to raise as much money as possible to enable the Climb team to continue the fantastic work that they do. as well as making strides in supporting other families affected by Metabolic Disorders.

Good luck to all my fellow runners in your training!”
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Jordi Llinares-Garcia
“I am the head or orphan medicines at the European Medicines Agency and am taking part in the 2018 London Marathon to  raise money for children affected by Inherited Metabolic Disorders and help to sustain Climb by fundraising.”

Wayne Clark






Emily Cullum






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Steven Proctor






Julian Isla